• Ishani Nandedkar

Tale 12 : The Type One Yogi and her Type One Purpose

Namaste readers!

It's been a long time since I last shared my life tales with you, and to be honest I missed talking to you all very much. I got so busy with adulting and other daily living stuff that I hardly had any time to write. And you all know how when I write here it has to come straight from my heart with 100% authenticity. So I gave myself this break to gather my life and thoughts.

When I last wrote about mental health and Type One Diabetes, I was figuring out how to put my words into action and actually do something about it. That long contemplation resulted in me starting a special yoga class to overcome chronic stress and anxiety. So, yay! The break was kinda worth it, no?

I have been studying a lot about yoga therapy techniques for managing stress and anxiety. I had already started practicing those techniques long back for my own mental health issues and I found out first-hand that yoga really is a great way to bring the rebellious brain chemicals back in equilibrium. As I stepped on my mat every morning, I could feel small shifts happening in my mind. The breathing techniques especially shifted my mood instantly. You know how diabetes affects energy levels and makes a person feel like it's always one step ahead. But through regular yoga practice focused on bringing the mind back in balance, I also realized that my energy levels were getting better. Now, I was one step ahead of Type One.

This was a game changer for me. And without wasting any time I designed a class that would help those like me, struggling to fine-tune their mind, get a better hold of their emotions and mind-state. The class took off and in a few weeks I could see those long lost smiles coming back to my students' gorgeous faces. Teaching this class that I call as 'Amala Mindbody Yoga Program' has been so greatly healing for me. Yoga heals them and they heal me. It is literally the only thing that's been there on my mind in the last six months since I last wrote here.

This has become my purpose now. To heal and to teach others how to heal their mind through the magical practice of yoga. I'm not saying that I'm 100% alright, but there have been enormous changes in the way I think and live. There are times when I'm stuck by melancholy and feel like crawling under a blanket, but I know that now I have the tools to pull myself out of that state and return to my true nature. That is the thing with the mind, you have to train it till there are no negative impressions left that might distort your thinking again. Yoga has to be practiced every damn day, right food has to be eaten every damn day and mindfulness has to be brought in all aspects of one's life.

There is no magic pill for anything. Those who promise it are never to be trusted. But yogic practices are as close to magic as you can get. Yoga doesn't discriminate between people who are flexible and inflexible, mentally balanced and not balanced or even between a teacher and a student. It heals me the same way it heals my students. And through this healing practice the Type One Yogi has found her Type One Purpose, in this life. I wish that you don't wait even a single day before you embrace yoga because it is waiting for you with it's arms wide open. There might be a stressful tomorrow, but you can take control of your today just by taking one step: on your mat! :)

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