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Tale 6 : The 5 point guide to surviving and thriving with Type 1 Diabetes

Yesterday during my morning yoga practice, I was in Sarvangasana and as the blood was flowing to my brain with full force I went into a meditative-trance-like-state. I was feeling super blissful, like I haven't felt in a long time. In that super-state I came upon the 5 points which are very essential in surviving with T1D other than insulin, of course.


This is the most important point in this survival guide for dummies. Stress is the meanest and baddest enemy of diabetes as it takes the blood sugars out of whack. Even a little stress can take your sugars from 90 to 200 in just a small time. That's why taking time out of your schedule to do the activities that bring a glow to your soul is very important. My personal funda is to give most of my time to the activities that I love and then give my attention only to those stressful things that are really important in that small pocket of time that's left at the end of the day.


Well, do I really need to elaborate on this point? Okay, I will. A little. Yoga is that ancient practice which is not just stretching and breathing but modifying your lifestyle in a way that kicks the butt of negativity out of your life. I try to follow the Yamas and Niyamas in Yoga, which are social conduct guidelines and self-restraining practices. These practices follow the Karmic rule of 'What goes around comes back around', so that when you practice these your bad karma doesn't come to haunt you later and you live a minimum-stress lifestyle. Asanas and Pranayama make my body and mind healthy and strong and make me life-ready.


Oh my god! This is my all time favorite topic and I can cross 5000 words only writing about love. Love is really all you need. I've found solace in love, my happy place, my Garden of Eden in love. Having T1D is so horrible that I wouldn't have survived a day without all the love and real friendship that I've got in life. I've been just too lucky in this matter and I wish everyone gets the love that they deserve in this life. Parents, friends and your partner, all play an important part in diabetes management. Stress is most often unexpected and it hits you in your face when you are not prepared to deal with it. In such times, if you have a strong support system of genuine people around you then half of the battle is already won. Risk it all for love guys, it is absolutely worth it!


"An empty mind is the devil's workshop". If you have too much time on your hands to sit and think about your diabetes then believe me you, it's going to make you a looney toon in no time. See, it's simple. Diabetes management is very much dependent on your thoughts. If you think that you are doomed, then you ARE doomed my friend. If you just sit and ruminate on all the bad things that diabetes has brought into your life, it means that you have too much time on your hands and you need to find something that you're passionate about ASAP. I found Yoga at a time in my life when I was already on the highway to hell. It made me take a quick U-turn back to health and sanity or otherwise, my family knows that they would have had to spend their new year's eve visiting me at some mental hospital. No, really. Diabetes can be that bad if you allow it, as you must know that diabetics are twice as prone to getting depressed than normal people. So, please, find your passion and dive into it completely to rise above the madness that T1D is. You will live a vibrant and satisfying life and maybe in the process help the world heal too.


Spending some alone time is very healthy for you and the people around you. It makes you zoom out of all the happenings in your life and gives you a fresh perspective about things. I love my alone time. My partner and I both, appreciate and respect it and we know that's how we can grow together without trying to possess or control each others lives. I love spending my alone time in different ashrams and retreats where I go frequently to renew my knowledge of Yogic practices. Meeting new people makes both of us happy and keeps our mind from being stagnant and fixed on ideas. My diabetes also feels small when I learn about so many new things and earn new experiences. I like having my space to think, grow, learn, and let go of everything that doesn't serve my mind, body and soul.

So, this is the end of the 5 point guide to surviving and thriving with Type 1 Diabetes. Hope it helps! :)

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