• Ishani Nandedkar

Tale 5 : Yoga found me on a rainy day

It was around 2 in the night and I was rudely woken up by a hypo. I was sweating and my t-shirt was soaking wet, while my body was like an ice block- cold and stiff. I had the blood sugar of 52mg/dl which is considered dangerously low and if untreated can result in fits or even coma. I always had a packet of glucose next to my bed, so I ate 2 spoons of it and waited till my sugars went up. That was the coldest rainy season ever, with constant hypos- eating chocolates/glucose- dangerously high blood sugars. I was caught in this crazy blood sugar spiral, going in circles around hypos and hypers till a day came when I was completely burnout.

My mom had been a yoga practitioner since my childhood and I always remember her doing sitting forward folds with me in the vicinity, and I was in amazement of how awesome mother was. I used to sit and watch her as she would gracefully perform her daily yoga practice. I never practiced along with her because I thought it was boring to move so slowly and hold such 'difficult' poses for a fair amount of time. But she would still make me do certain breathing practices and asanas which was a big task for me.

After that hypo burnout on a cold rainy night, I actually got scared for my life. Not knowing how to control the ever fluctuating sugars and the drowsiness and sick feeling that accompanied them, the next morning I went crying to my mother and begged her to stop all the craziness. I wanted to just give up, to take myself back to the time when I was diabetes-free and sane.

But mother always knows better. She hugged me, let me cry till my heart was satisfied and then laid down two dhurries. She taught me asanas and pranayamas that calmed me, made me stronger and gave me the will to live. That rainy afternoon she gave me life one more time. I knew that something in me had shifted. With regular yoga practice I was becoming whole again, building resilience in my life.

Yoga had finally found me. Only when I was ready, it was ready to unravel its greatness before me. And it never left my side. Health and sanity both were starting to step back into my life.

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