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I am Ishani Nandedkar, a 27 year old yoga teacher and type 1 diabetic since the last 14 years. I have lived and traveled all over India and many parts of the world to explore the possibilities of life and discover a way to quieten the wanderings of my monkey mind. I came back home in 2015 and now I own a yoga studio in Nagpur, India called Soulish by Ishani

So, I found the answers to all the existential problems and the dreadful question that juvenile diabetics struggle all their life with, 'But, why me?', in yoga. But, we will have to travel back in time to first understand the questions to those all-revealing answers.;)

Basically, I'm writing this blog to try and start a revolution. A revolution to wake the world up to the roller-coaster ride that Type 1 diabetes is.

We have been ignored for far too long. Some of us have suffered in silence and solitude, while many of us have just withdrawn and given a shut-eye to our disease, that most of the world hasn't even heard of.

While the above lines might sound really dark and glum, this blog is not about the dark side of the moon. This blog is really about my life, being a Type 1 diabetic and how I look at life and the world through my little vial of insulin and a lot of adventure.

So, stay tuned cos' a lot of adventure and drama is coming very soon on the blog! :)

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